When boiling them alive isn’t quite enough

Lobsterclaw There’s something creepy about the classic "claw game" when the prize you’re after is a live lobster. This machine was spotted in Osaka, Japan, but they have them here in the U.S. as well. I suppose the end result is the same for the lobster, but turning it into an arcade game lends a Russian Roulette aspect to the process, which just wouldn’t sit well with me. (And who brings a cooler or bucket to an arcade anyway?) These kinds of machines are apparently somewhat common in Asia. In South Korea alone, according to Wikipedia, you can claw your way to “a Black & Decker power drill, women’s underwear, a beard trimmer, a voucher for an inflatable raft, knee pads, fishing hooks, a radio-controlled toy helicopter, and package of US $2 bills.” Boy, if you won all those in one outing, you could have one hell of a weekend. Via OhGizmo.

—Posted by David Griner