Wheat Thins nabs ad hater in latest ambush


When Wheat Thins went after people last summer who were talking smack about the brand on Twitter, there was understandable skepticism about whether the whole thing was a set-up. The ad, done by The Escape Pod, was the real deal, agency founder Vinny Warren insisted. That led to the inspiration for this next installment, a 30-second spot in which the Wheat Thins crew doorsteps Derek Tzeo, a Portland, Ore., dude who dared to question the authenticity of the first spot, calling it "uber-fake." He's left with a pallet of Wheat Thins that are, in fact, "uber-real." As recently departed Euro RSCG creative chief Stefan Postaer notes on his blog, the candid-camera bit isn't very new, but the melding of social media with broadcast spots is certainly a fertile area to explore. Over on YouTube, the top comment is from another doubter, with the next being from Derek himself insisting he's real.