What would make Britney’s show bearable?

Britney_kevinUnless you recently crawled out of a bomb shelter, you’ve heard of Britney Spears’ new reality TV show, Britney and Kevin: Chaotic, on UPN. The show, which offers a sneak peek into the newlyweds’ lives, is burdened by clumsy, unimaginative promos that can’t go five seconds without showing Britney and K-Fed (Federline’s stupid nickname) making goofy faces at the camera. They should be mindful of the Tom Green Principle, which shows there’s a fine line between wacky shenanigans and being an annoying shmuck. There is a solution, though. Since Britney and K-Fed’s show highlights their desperate vanity, why not have fun with them? Get them to do things we’ve never seen before, like join a Satanic cult, go to a swinger’s club or break into a Masonic temple. Hey, it’s no dumber than what they’re already doing (i.e., nothing). Besides, if we have to bear this couple’s embarrassing sexual revelations, it might as well be in the context of something that might kill them.

—Posted by David Kiefaber

Image: UPN