What’s to become of Collateral Damage?

Constantine1So, sadly, IDG has folded CMO magazine after just 16 months of publication. But more important, what will happen to Constantine von Hoffman and his cool CMO blog, Collateral Damage? He fills us in with a post this morning (titled “Further proof that CMOs have trouble with the length of their tenure”): “Yep. The current print issue is our last dead-tree publication. We have more than another whole issue’s worth of really good material that will going up online and we’ll be keeping the Web site going for a while longer. And I, your faithful whacko blogger, will continue blogging on here for a couple more months and then I will either still be with IDG or I will be elsewhere and either way I’ll continue blogging elsewhere. I’ll keep you posted (apologies for the blogging pun).” Glad to hear it.

—Posted by Tim Nudd