What do bloggers think of the Liberty Bell?

Liberty_bellI’m sick of Andy Warhol, his soup cans and his 15 minutes of fame. And I just can’t bring myself to give PETA any more press. So today I’m writing about this: I know I’m not the first to suggest that marketers will be the death of the blogging phenomenon. (Is it actually a phenomenon? And is a blog item about the death of blogging too meta for its own good anyway?) But now that the Pennsylvania Department of Tourism has gotten into the act, we can be assured the days are numbered. Apparently the Keystone state has enlisted a handful of regular people to visit certain places in the state and post their thoughts online. Among the authors are a self-proclaimed history buff, a motorcyclist (note to Harley-Davidson: cross-promotion opportunity), an adventure seeker and two people looking for excitement and shopping in Pittsburgh and New Hope. (What, no dispatches from Live 8?) Yes, tourist dollars are important to every state, and I’m as desperate as the next man for entertainment when I visit my family in Philly, but can I really rely on dispatches commissioned by the state for the God’s honest truth about cruising through Amish country on my Hog?

—Posted by Aaron Baar