Wendy’s chili: finger-splicin’ good!

Chili_fingerCheck the Burger King—has he got all ten fingers? This Wendy’s chili incident in San Jose in which a woman found a severed fingertip in her food is a vile public relations nightmare. What’s worse—it is still “unsolved,” and virtually an episode of Forensic Files just waiting to be produced, as evidenced by this USA Today story investigating the origin of the, uh, tip. Few real events ever have people wishing they were urban legends, but this one qualifies. If only it were as fake as the exploding Pop Rocks or the batter-fried rat detailed on www.snopes.com. Meanwhile, if you crave Wendy’s chili but are afraid what it might contain, we’ll point you to this recipe for Wendy’s-style chili. At least if you make it yourself, assembling the ingredients is completely in your control.

—Posted by Celeste Ward