Welsh take aim at leering sexist pigs in PSA


The Welsh continue to use the power of advertising to rid their country of obnoxious behavior. Last year, they focused on teenage girls who text while driving—and smashed them to a pulp in that memorable PSA, whose sheer gruesomeness made it a worldwide phenomenon. Now, they're shifting their attention to men who make rude sexual comments toward women. The spot below says that kind of loutish behavior is a slippery slope, and that seemingly innocuous looks and comments can lead to worse kinds of harassment and even violence toward women. "To you it's nothing. But it all adds up," says the copy. "Where does 'harmless' end and 'abusive' begin?" In the U.S., sexual-harassment PSAs are more lighthearted and cheerful, and feature people like Hayden Panettiere making fun of the whole issue. Check out her PSA after the jump.

—Posted by Tim Nudd