The weird, wonderful world of Nerf

Nerflogo1Nerf is one of those brands that inspires deep, almost mystical loyalty. I hadn’t thought about Nerf in a long time, but this morning I stumbled upon a Nerf Photoshop contest, and it brought back indelible memories of improbable reverse layups, sweet bank shots and ill-advised dunks made in bedroom Nerf basketball championships circa 1982. It made me want to find the latest in Nerf news and post it here on the blog. So here goes. This is Hasbro’s official Nerf site. Here are some Nerf commercials. Here’s the Wikipedia entry on Nerf. Here’s a guy whose Nerf memories are remarkably similar to mine. Here’s a site mostly about Nerf guns. Here’s a separate story about the dangers of Nerf guns. And finally, here’s a story about a Nerf glider that was designed, believe it or not, by NASA.

—Posted by Tim Nudd