Weetabix Gets the Whole Family Through Their Individual Hells

Miniature logs of soggy wheat for breakfast? Yum! This winning BBH London spot for Weetabix posits a game of oneupmanship among Dad, Mum, Junior and Baby over who has the biggest day ahead. The mundane middle-class challenges are presented in lively and humorous fashion by director Guy Shelmerdine to illustrate that Weetabix provides "fuel for big days." Dad gears up for eight hours of team-building exercises and having to laugh at his boss's "painfully unfunny jokes." Junior faces a soccer game where he squares off against a bigger kid and doomed efforts to impress girls who are "clearly way out of my league." For Mum, the day holds the promise of grocery shopping, picking up around the house and lunch with her own mum, who's famed for "spending the afternoon silently judging everything." (Granny's disapproving stare, captured in the medicine-cabinet mirror, and Mom's startled reaction are among several slick touches that give this spot extra visual panache.) The punch line, predictable but satisfying, is that Baby's day tops them all, filled with chasing the dog, drawing on walls and TV screens and non-stop high-pitched screaming. He'd do well to consider that adoption would make for a big day, too.