The Week on AdFreak

Candy sex, Gmail man, Isaiah vs. Fabio, and Netflix relief: the week's top posts

Isaiah Mustafa and Fabio dominated the week with their online Old Spice duel, but three parody videos also did well—an extremely NSFW Skittles spoof, Microsoft's punking of Google, and Jason Alexander's faux PSA pleading for help for white people whose Netflix costs have gone up. Below, check out the 10 most-read AdFreak posts of the week.

1. The Most Raunchy Skittles Commercial You Will Ever See
2. You've Got Fail: Microsoft Punks Google With 'Gmail Man' Video
3. Mustafa Vanquishes Fabio, Remains the Old Spice Guy
4. Fabio Challenges Isaiah Mustafa to a Duel
5. Please Help the White People Hit by the Netflix Price Hike
6. Kia Creates World's First Stop-Motion Ads on Fingernails
7. Old Spice Duel Less Violent Than Fans Hoped
8. How 50 Big Companies Got Their Names
9. Isaiah Mustafa Accepts Fabio's Challenge to a Duel
10. Hard Liquor Looks Truly Odd Packaged in Milk Cartons