We’re back online … finally

Sadfreak_1Well, what a day it’s been. Some sort of computer crash crippled our blog-hosting company, TypePad, on Thursday night (did someone fall off the photocopier at the holiday party and hit their ass on the server?). Now it’s 9 p.m. Friday, and we’re finally able to log back on. The items we posted in the past week, which went AWOL after the crash, are back up, although all the photos and illos are still missing. Hopefully they’ll be retrieved eventually. Someone said to us today that TypePad customers, being bloggers with itchy trigger fingers, are the last people the company would want to piss off. But we’ll refrain from piling on and just apologize for being absent all day today. Anyway, it’s the weekend. It could be worse.

—Posted by Tim Nudd