Was Whitest Kids slap-happy before Bud?

So a plagiarism controversy has broken out over one of this year’s crop of Super Bowl ads. Someone commenting this morning to our Bud Light post on SuperAdFreak.com pointed us to the video above, from the comedy troupe Whitest Kids U’Know, saying the Bud Light spot "Slapping" ripped off the concept. Since the Whitest Kids video isn’t restrained by the 30-second rule, it’s certainly a more elaborate, extended riff on the joke, but since we know how much people in advertising love plagiarism allegations, we’ll let you be the judges as to whether this one hits (slaps?) the mark. As for the troupe, they say on their site, "So suck it Budweiser. Drink Coors."  UPDATE:The Kids now say that Budweiser actually contacted them in June about having some of their work appear on BudTV. Although they already had a deal with Fuse, so they really didn’t pursue it, a DVD of the sketch was allegedly sent to Budweiser.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor