Want to Look 20 Years Older Than You Are? This Amazing Product Can Make It Happen

Order the Wrinkler now

Yesterday we saw a skin cream specially designed to give you wrinkles. In that same vein, check out the spot below for "The Wrinkler," a product that will help you look 20-30 years older than you actually are, without the hassle and expense of moving to Arizona and letting the sun bake you into a husk.

At first I thought this was an unprompted homage to the "varicose veins" ad from Ren & Stimpy until everything fell into place at the end. I really like the approach, for the record, and wish more ad parodies would attempt it.

For more information and pictures of people who look like Tommy Lee Jones as Two-Face, check out The Wrinkler's website

Creative Director, Copywriter: Dean Hacohen
Creative Director, Art Director: Hank Kosinski