Want to be Mr. Mom for Father’s Day?

Mrmomclint_2Forget the tie, the aftershave and the gadgets. For Father’s Day, perhaps moms should simply hand over the kids to Dad and go off by herself for a little pampering. According to CareerBuilder.com, nearly half of dads say what they want for Father’s Day is to spend more time with their kids. Some 49 percent of 300 men surveyed by the Web site said they’d relinquish the provider role to stay home with the kids. (It seems we’ve come a long way from the Michael Keaton classic Mr. Mom, written by John Hughes of Leo Burnett fame.) Of course, CareerBuilder’s responses are from men who are currently working and probably don’t see their children enough. I’d be interested to see the responses of women who’ve given up careers to stay home full-time with the kids. (OK, here’s your link to Desperate Housewives.)

—Posted by Aaron Baar