VW driving rival engineers to seek new jobs

These Canadian Volkswagen ads from Palm + Havas use understated humor to tell the tales of auto engineers driven from the business after being unable to compete against the VW Golf. The model's back, much to the dismay of these type-A personalities. Yurie (above) seems a bit unbalanced at the hotel she opened in Japan, obsessively arranging colorful origami cars, one of which she angrily crumples up as she glares at a Golf that tools by. I'd check in somewhere else, just to be safe! Also bearing grudges: Enzo (below), who sails tourists around Italy, and Nigel, who owns a bookshop in England. Look, these sore losers all have saner, lower-stress lives since leaving the car business, so they should be thankful, not bitter. And frankly, if their designs couldn't beat out that middling machine, they must've been crappy engineers! Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Gianatasio

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