With March upon us, it’s time to look back at February’s work and pick the freakiest commercial of the month. Below are the 10 contestants, including a whopping three entries from the disturbed U.K. government. Vote for your favorite at the bottom of the list. (Also check out the Freakiest Ads of January 2009 and the Freakiest Ads of 2008.)

—Posted by Tim Nudd

Above the Influence | “Problem” (unapproved spot)

This commercial, created for the Partnership for a Drug-Free America but not approved or aired by that group in the end, showed a teen whose drug problem clings to him like a hairy ape. [Read more]

Boost Mobile | “Coroner,” “Bicycle”

These two spots illustrated the wrongness of getting screwed over by your cell-phone company by showing stuff that seemed even more wrong: a burrito-eating coroner and cycling lass with flowing armpit locks. [Read more]

H&R Block | “Cyclops”

One-eyed beasts bemoaned the myopia of run-of-the-mill tax advisers in this H&R block ad. [Read more]

Israel AIDS Task Force | “Doubt”

Fear of AIDS was personified by a gross little slinking, slithering man in this unsettling spot. [Read more]

Kia | “Hamsters”

New Jersey became infested by giant rodents in this Kia commercial. [Read more]

Lay’s | “Happy”

An office drone found happiness by giving in and becoming a mindless inflatable doll. [Read more]

Mountain Dew Voltage | “Zapper”

Drinking Mountain Dew Voltage will cause gigantic insects to explode all over you. [Read more]

U.K. Department for Transport | “Kill Your Speed”

A driver who killed a child was haunted by the boy’s corpse in this hard-hitting ad. [Read more]

U.K. Department of Health | “ACT F.A.S.T.”

These unnerving spots showed exactly what to look for in a person who is having a stroke. [Read more]

U.K. Home Office | “The Brain Crasher Party”

A pot smoker’s brain got increasingly addled as this commercial progressed. [Read more]