Vodka from Iceland, home of randy puffins

In introducing its product to America, Reyka vodka proudly extols the virtues of its homeland, Iceland. The deadpan, monotone Icelandic girl does a pretty good job of it in this ad, and this one, too. It’s the third one that caught me off guard, if only because you don’t expect the puffin, an adorable symbol of childlike innocence, to suddenly start humping the girl’s leg with abandon. With him as a mascot, no wonder they never got around to mentioning, as the press release does, that Reyka is “the world’s first ‘green’ vodka—distilled using sustainable and clean energy from geothermal heat.” It’s also worth noting that “Humping Puffin” would be a great band name. Get on it, scenesters!

—Posted by David Kiefaber