Virgin Mobile Makes Its Pitch in 25 YouTube Videos, Which You Scroll Through by Blinking

Ready to be BlinkWashed?

Virgin Mobile has been retraining your brain for a while. Now, it wants to borrow your eyes.

In a fun stunt called BlinkWashing from Mother New York and rehabstudio, the mobile carrier makes its sales pitch in 25 separate but linked YouTube videos—which you control simply by blinking. (The site uses your webcam to find your eyes, and then accurately detect your blinks.) The best part is, all the videos are time-coded and "smart cached," so that when you blink, the next video's dialogue picks up where the previous one left off. In other words, blink and you won't miss it.

The videos themselves offer an impressive assortment of oddball characters and scenes. There are even Mother employees featured in the spots: Gabriel Blido, sporting his astounding mustache, and Debra Dean, who shows off her hip-hop dancing skills.

Give it a spin over at Virgin Mobile's YouTube page.