Video game shocks mothers in focus group!


"A mom's disapproval has always been an accurate barometer of what is cool." That's the premise behind Electronic Arts's new marketing campaign for the carnage-packed video game Dead Space 2. The game's promoters brought 200 mothers into a focus-group testing center and subjected them to the game's goriest footage. The result is about what you'd expect, with much kvetching about "Who would make such a thing?" The notable exception is the mom below, who seems to have a good time and helps soften the exploitative vibe of the campaign. Want to get your mom in on the fun? EA is hosting a giveaway whose entry requirement is that you show your mom footage of Dead Space 2 and tweet her reaction with the hashtag #mymomhatesdeadspace2. More clips after the jump, including one that features something truly scary: a mom who can't tell Saturn from Earth. Via Kotaku. UPDATE: Draftfcb in San Francisco is the agency behind the campaign.