This Video About Dropping a Brick Is Worth a Few Laughs and 67 Million Gallons of Water

Part poop joke, part drought relief

If you're going to drop an upper-decker, you might as well help fight a drought in the process.

"Drop A Brick" is a nonprofit Indiegogo project created by a partnership of several California businesses, including San Francisco agency BarrettSF, that encourages you to buy an eco-friendly rubber brick filled with hydro-gel that expands 200 times its size when water is added. Putting the brick in the top tank will displace half a gallon of water, saving about 50 gallons a week for a family of four.

If every Californian dropped a brick, the initiative says, it would save 67 million gallons of water a day.

The crowdfunding video is basically one big poop joke, but it's surprisingly amusing and has been getting quite a bit of passaround. Still, organizers say they'd like to see more bricks being ordered to help alleviate California's crippling drought as soon as possible.

So check out the video and explainer photos below, then go see about dropping a fat one in the tank. No need for a courtesy flush.

Via Osocio.


Agency: BarrettSF, San Francisco
Creative Directors: Jamie Barrett, Pete Harvey

Art Directors: Martina D’Alessandro, Brad Kayal

Producer: Nicole Van Dawark

Account Manager: Brooks Dennard
Account Intern: Libbie Maine
Senior Proofreader: Elle Banyo

Production Company: Pre-Future

Director: Pete Harvey

Director of Photography: Joel Jackson
First Assistant Director: Jamie Barrett
Grip, Electrical: Gus Hoffman
Sound: Paul Dorough
Line Producer: Nicole Van Dawark
Production Designer: Martina D’Alessandro
Locations Manager: Libbie Maine
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Editing Company: Pre Future

Editor: Ian Montgomery

Audio Record, Mix: Mark Pitchford, M Squared
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