Is UrbanDaddy’s data site ringing any bells?


TV isn't the only kind of advertising that often elicits a feeling of déjà vu. "Homages" happen as much, if not more, in the Internet world. Check out this admittedly slick and fun new nightlife dashboard from UrbanDaddy. Big Spaceship built the widget, which offers quirky little data-visualization elements like a tightness-of-pants index (this one goes to Euro) and a webcam monitoring bridges and tunnels. Remind you of anything? The experience is eerily familiar to the much-lauded Sprint Now dashboard created in 2008 by Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. The UrbanDaddy dashboard works for New York, with Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Miami coming soon. The coolest part could be the advertising units. Grey Goose is sponsoring the site but not going the standard banner route. Instead, it gets its own data-visualization elements sprinkled throughout the page.