Upload your butt to Crispin’s ‘Booty Reader’

Booty reader

I'm told women are quite particular about jeans, especially when it comes to how the cut flatters their figures (or doesn't). This appears to be the insight behind Crispin
Porter + Bogusky's latest work for Old Navy, a Web application bluntly
called Booty Reader. The site features fortune-teller
Madame Eva imploring ladies to upload shots of their backyards either
via Web cam or photo, with assurances that "photos of your booty won't be
shared, dear." Then the backside-recognition technology comes into play. After an apparent
examination by Madame Eva, the Booty Reader process ends with suggested styles of Old Navy jeans that apparently work for the derrière in question.
Crispin is certainly fond of buttocks. Recall it channeled noted ass
aficionado Sir Mix-a-Lot to rap for Burger King
. Now, before everyone claims this kind of thing is because
CP+B's creative ranks are a sausage fest, it deserves mention that
Tiffany Rolfe served as GCD, with Katy Graham and Meghan DeRoma as ACDs on the
Booty Reader campaign. We're guessing there wasn't quite so much female leadership when American Apparel did its "upload your butt" campaign.