Unusually red tomatoes, you’ll be missed

Bennigan’s filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection today and is closing more than 300 locations, probably because the food is terrible. And yet the chain can look back with pride on this old commercial, which made fun of casual dining’s one-note approach to food advertising. If nothing else, Bennigan’s gave us some great shots of sizzling steaks, succulent shrimp, crisp veggies—and more often than not, “a guy that’s eating food.” UPDATE: Gianatasio adds: I can’t help feeling that the chain’s ill-tempered leprechaun was ultimately to blame. Sure, he was disturbing and offensive, but he was also a rebel who played by his own rules and wasn’t afraid to use violence to make his point. Much like John McCain. Raise a wee dram to the angry green hellion! R.I.P., Fergus!

—Posted by Tim Nudd