Underdog accuses big shops of ‘adbesity’

We’d love to suggest how to Overcome Adbesity, but the people who
coined this disease seem to have a hard time explaining exactly what it is. But I’ve combed through
enough of their Web site to deduce that adbesity is a) an awkward portmanteau,
and b) the way large agencies rely on annoying, overpriced, synchronous ad campaigns that favor
profits over creative exposure of the product in question. If I’m right,
then the term is spot on. But current treatments appear limited to regular doses of juvenile,
sputtering rage at anything in a suit, and a vague nostalgia for an imaginary
heyday where advertisers were respectable artistes. So while this microsite by Connecticut-based
Outhouse Communication has a commendable message, the tone suggests that they despise the system not because of ideological differences, but because they weren’t
allowed behind the velvet rope.

—Posted by David Kiefaber