U.K. spot crowns Miss Construction Worker


Toilet lids become drums, plungers are batons for the dance routine, and soothing cups of tea are no distraction for the shirtless, bikini-bottomed, oiled-up hardhat workers who strut their stuff in this goofy clip for U.K. online marketplace MyBuilder.com. At the end of the faux pageant—a collaboration between agency Sell! Sell! and director Mark Denton of Coy! (because you can't have too many exclamation points)—the grand prize (fittingly, a golden tool) is presented by a judge riding a forklift. The message, naturally, is that MyBuilder picks only the best contractors to feature on its site. Still, I don't know how industrious these guys really are: In the spot, they only work for about 30 seconds. Typical.