Twins miss Santana already … in their ads

Twins With spring training in full swing (now that's wordplay), Major League Baseball teams have begun to grind out the commercials. The Minnesota Twins, who finished 79-83 last year and are preparing for their 17th consecutive year of not winning a World Series, trot out young pitcher Pat Neshek, who looks concerned (and rightly so) at the prospect of a season without ace Johan Santana, who recently defected to the New York Mets for big money. Even the kids in the ad (students at Neshek’s alma mater, Minneapolis’s Park Center High School) seem to know the score (wordplay again), as they ask silly questions about the team’s catcher, Joe Mauer. It’s about as funny the Twins sub-.500 season will be. Go Yanks!

—Posted by David Gianatasio