truTV’s viewers are violent, blithering idiots

"When the stories are real, the effect is actual." That's the tagline for truTV's debut campaign from Mother in New York. It's probably best not to analyze the wording too deeply. Per press materials, the work targets "younger men who love real-life programming that immerses them in worlds they can't normally experience." In the spot above, that includes blows to the face, chest and other regions—experiences that guys have had, if they have brothers or any male friends. Yeah, guys like pummeling each other for any reason. If we get to watch someone else being smacked, all the better. The spot below is less captivating because there's no punching. Mother should feel free to include some gal-on-gal slapping in future commercials, and the gals could be wearing bikinis. I may be a doofus, but I know what I like.

—Posted by David Gianatasio