‘Truth’ campaign is latest to enlist a stork

There’s a stork theme running through ads lately. This realization woke me from a sound sleep. (I dream in ads.) Monster.com and Vlasic started the feathered trend. Now, Arnold’s “Truth” anti-smoking campaign for the American Legacy Foundation flies into action with a spot called (what else?) “Stork.” There’s a cartoon stork, teens wheeling incubators down city streets, and a song-and-dance routine. I hallucinated the exact same scenario after eating too many chalupas Friday night. Legacy is broadening its media buy, putting spots onto movie screens. Iron Man rocks! I haven’t seen it; I just assume it does. There’s even a Legacy Facebook app in the form of a “Truth or Dare” game. Those smarty-pants teens will probably dare their friends to smoke and ruin the whole campaign.

—Posted by David Gianatasio