Tropicana Lights Up Trafalgar Square With Giant Pre-Dawn Sun

A stunt six months in the making

Tropicana and art collective Greyworld felt compelled to erect a giant phony sun on Monday morning, in the wintry darkness preceding the real sunrise, in London's Trafalgar Square. The event, part of the client's "Brighter Mornings" campaign, was six months in the making, and the high-tech orb generated the output of 60,000 lightbulbs, no doubt illuminating gut-grinding breakfasts of bangers and mash for miles around. I agree with The Denver Egoist's appraisal of the installation—it seems like a glaring error to stage the stunt in a busy metro area that experiences daylight on a regular basis. Tropicana would be better served to stick it where the sun don't shine—something both the orange-juice brand and Philips have done in the past.