Trident gum leaves dentist, finds happiness

Trident may be the gum recommended by four out of five dentists, but lately it’s been making a much softer sell—that it’s just “A little piece of happy.” What exactly do they mean by that? It’s tempting to characterize the commercials, from JWT New York, as oddvertising in league with Skittles and Starburst, but they’re really more magical realism with a touch of sweetness (reminiscent of the Skittles stuff from the mid-’90s). In the ad above, a flower grows an extra petal for a little girl to pluck. In the spot below, an old dude inflates. See three more ads here—there’s one with a coin-operated spaceship ride that comes to life and two random animated spots involving goats and a cat. I’m rather conflicted about the campaign. I think the ads are cute, but they could be for anything. Then again, watching that stupid squirrel bite the dentist in the nuts six times an hour made me want to stick gum wads in my eyes. So, in a way, this new work did actually bring me a little piece of happy.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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