Traumatized Man Speaks Only in Advertising Slogans in New Indie Movie

Ad genius is consumed by his craft

How many times have you busted out a well-known advertising slogan because it seemed to be the wittiest thing to say in a conversation? Never? Fine, wordsmith, but the rest of us are guilty of falling back on at least a few marketing clichés. A new indie flick, called And Now a Word From Our Sponsor, takes this lazy practice to extremes. The befuddled hero, an "ad genius" played by Bruce Greenwood, reappears after a mysterious absence spouting only fast-food, shampoo, cereal and seatbelt-safety taglines. His dialogue in the trailer alone spans several decades of commercials, piling up more brand references than even most TV babies could quickly identify. Having the script mostly crafted by Madison Avenue must have saved the writers a lot of time. The movie, which could double as a drinking game or trivia contest, also stars Parker Posey and Callum Blue. It premieres May 6 on VOD and May 10 in theaters. Check it out if you feel like you deserve a break today.