TM staffers grasp for the gold on YouTube

Every agency grapples with the two major dilemmas of modern advertising: First, how can we get our staff to be more experimental with new media? And second, is there some way we could profit from all this retro crap the creatives use as office décor? TM Advertising in Texas has found an answer to both with its intra-agency YouTube challenge, which offered prizes such as iPods to anyone who could make a video clip that got the most views online. The most notable entry, “He-Man Redux” by Brian Dunaway and Silver Cuellar, hasn’t exactly set any YouTube records yet, but you have to commend an agency that’s willing to use the phrase “I masturbated him” on its official channel. The spots came up just short in the OneScreen competition, but give them a break—they were up against “1984 Focus Group.” Check out four more of the He-Man Redux spots after the jump. Via Ads of the World.

—Posted by David Griner