Thus, God spake through the Jäger deer

The newest issue of Modern Drunkard is truly a cornucopia of delights for advertising folks. First, Presurfer tips us off to the magazine’s in-depth look at the Ten Greatest Alcohol Icons of All Time. You can travel back to an era when Captain Morgan was a pudgy gent with his hat in his hand, and learn how Jägermeister’s deer icon stems from a moment of 7th-century divine intervention. Even more interesting than the back stories, though, are the tangents. The entry on the Guinness toucan, for instance, mentions the brewer’s long-forgotten pitch, “Drink Guinness for a healthy baby and painless birth.” And speaking of great moments in flawed advertising, Modern Drunkard also has a small piece on “When Booze Ads Go Bad.” My personal favorite is Falstaff’s golfer—bent over, holding two balls and being offered “man-size pleasure.” Hey, at least it’s not an ad for Stag.

—Posted by David Griner