Those without DVR, grab your Bic pens now


BorghiErh/Lowe in Brazil makes a point for Bic pens (sorry) via a trio of amusing low-budget TV commercials that we're told will "only be shown once." We're given the directions to the Holy Grail, the secret formula for the most famous soft drink in the world and every last scrap of personal contact information for a super-sexy model. The model is shown fondling one of her breasts, making me lose my train of thought entirely. What's being advertised here … Pepsi? Oh yeah—pens. It is impossible to memorize the ads' info if viewed just once. "See how important it is to have a Bic handy?" the ads ask at the end. Hyper-literal folks out there will point out that we live in the age of DVRs and can rewind, but they such should get a life. Now, excuse me while I replay that model spot in slow-mo: I think I caught a glimpse of nipple!

—Posted by David Gianatasio