Those sex-crazed New York women

ElexaChurch & Dwight condom maker Trojan continues to get pre-launch marketing mileage for its Elexa brand of sexual health products for women. A survey of women’s sex habits commissioned by Trojan and reported by the New York Post suggests that New York City has the lustiest lasses in the land, with nearly one-quarter of Big Apple babes polled saying they have sex on a regular basis, described as “several” times a week. (What’s with the other three-quarters? Beaten down by career stress or family pressures, perhaps. Or maybe they’re too busy watching PBS. I’m guessing though—the survey really doesn’t get into it.) But credit the Post for its amazing series of accompanying Q&A’s with New York gals who confide, on the record, pictures and names included, how often they do it. Like Alix Michel, 45,  of Women’s Wear Daily. Bet she’s getting a lot of e-mails this week. Or 20-year-old Jessica Dummett, who talks about her “sex buddies.” Ladies, I admire the candor, but I wonder about your judgment. New York’s a wonderful town (where have I heard that line before?), but it has its share of nutjobs who may already have your photos up on their darkened walls. Next time, keep it anonymous.

—Posted by Steve McClellan