Those embarrasing bathroom moments

BathroomEver slip and fall into the tub while cleaning it? Drop your cell phone or keys in the toilet? Been caught in compromising situations in the bathroom? Sure, we all have, and it’s not something we usually share, especially not with strangers. Georgia-Pacific is trying to change that by offering $10,000 and a year’s supply of Angel Soft toilet paper to the person whose bathroom story is the most mortifying. GP has launched this Web site for people to submit video clips and to vote for their favorite ones. The winner of the “Hilarious Bathroom Blunder” contest will get the prize money. One lucky voter, selected at random, will get a $15,000 bathroom makeover from the company. The contest is supported with a survey of 1,119 mothers nationwide about their bathroom experiences. Their most common bathroom blunder? Falling into the toilet because the previous user, most assuredly a lunkheaded man, left the toilet seat up. About 85 percent of the women surveyed said that has happened to them.

—Posted by Jim Lovel