Those crazy Milwaukee ad types

Adworkers2_1We haven’t written much about Milwaukee’s ad club, known as United Adworkers Local 208, primarily because we didn’t know they existed. We may check in with them more, though, as we hear they are experts in public urination and breast flashing. As the story goes (and this comes from club president Jeff Ericksen of BVK, who swears it’s true), the Adworkers had to switch venues for their annual golf outing this year after being booted from their favorite spot, the Fire Ridge Golf Club in Grafton, Wis., for behavior that included excessive drinking, on-course urination and reckless golf-cart driving (one accident evidently left a guy unconscious). Oh, and something about female broadcast producers taking their tops off. Pleased as punch with themselves, the Adworkers used the expulsion as the basis of this year’s invitation, which features the headline: “There are over 50 golf courses in the Milwaukee area. Thank God.” They also created signs like the one shown here to post at every hole on the course. (Another one in the series reads, “No use of flagsticks to simulate your ‘wang.’ ”) We wonder if this is par for the course for this club, whose motto is, “Creativity is king. Politics are crap. Beer is yummy.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd