That’s not John Hegarty on Twitter after all

John-hegarty UPDATE: It turns out that @John_Hegarty is an imposter, not Hegarty himself. @BBHLabs was fooled, as were we. But @bbhlondon tweets: "I'm afraid that the recently added John Hegarty on twitter is not the original and the best." Here's our original post:
  John Hegarty, co-founder of BBH, is the latest advertising heavy hitter to hop on Twitter. He joins top brass like Jeff Goodby in sharing his musings. Hegarty's only been at it a day, but so far he's staying away from Foursquare check-ins
and what he had for breakfast in favor of ad world bon mots such as: "A real fact
about advertising: Our quality is finding qualities. Our weakness is hiding
weakness." Also: "Your
work is your boss; it can promote you or fire you."
There are more. I
imagine Hegarty built up a trove of Buddha-like musings on the nature of
advertising over three decades, but he might run dry at some point. If
there's a model for him to follow, it still must be Alex Bogusky, who has managed to be consistently interesting and
engaged in Twitter. So far, Hegarty has stuck to broadcasting without so
much as a single reply to others.