Terrify the children into respecting the road

There’s something really creepy and awesome about these “Tales of the Road” animated rhyming PSAs from Leo Burnett London, encouraging kids in the U.K. to be safe near roadways. They have a great Edward Gorey/Gashlycrumb Tinies feel to them. The top one tells the sad tale of “The Boy Who Didn’t Stop, Look and Listen.” The bottom one bemoans the fate of “The Girl Who Didn’t Dress Bright in the Dark.” The actual inspiration for the campaign was evidently the Edwardian poet Hilaire Belloc, whose “Cautionary Tales” attempted to frighten young children into doing the right thing. (They included such timeless classics as “Matilda, Who told lies, and was burned to death” and “Jim, who ran away from his nurse, and was eaten by a lion.”) We can barely wait for the third spot in the series: “The Boy Who Didn’t Find a Safe Place to Cross.”

—Posted by Tim Nudd