Teen-pregnancy ad targets ‘Gossip Girl’ set

During last night's Gossip Girl, The Candie's Foundation ran a fairly bare-bones PSA encouraging parents to talk with their kids about the teen pregnancy "epidemic." Though Candie's other PSAs are better produced and have more mass star power, there's something delightfully confrontational about the close-cropped camera angles and overbearing soundtrack on this one. A list of talking points for parents was published as a print ad in The New York Times and New York Post encouraging parents to tune into Gossip Girl with their teens and watch the PSA. Amusingly, USA Today pulled the print ad due to potential controversy after reversing its position a few times, finally claiming it was simply "unable to accommodate" it. My money says the pictures of Jamie Lynn Spears and Gov. Palin's daughter Bristol at the top of the ad are what caused USA Today's hissy fit. For those non-USA Today readers who did tune in, I wonder what started more conversation: the PSA or Gossip Girl's tawdry, teen-makeout-filled plot.

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers