TBWA making the most of its musicians

TBWA\Chiat\Day has found a way for the musicians in its ranks to bypass radio altogether and go straight to the Grammy Awards. The Playa del Rey, Calif., agency, which handled advertising for the 50th Grammy Awards telecast on Sunday, started a program called Disruptunes for its own frustrated musical artists. So far, more than 50 groups from 32 agency offices have contributed over 100 songs to an internal Web site, where iTunes sharing is encouraged and music is colleague-rated. This song (that’s an iTunes link) by production artist (and bass player) Eric Ortega’s rock band The Generators started as a scratch track for a 15-second in-show promo and wound up winning the approval of the Grammy client. It premiered during the telecast itself, and a 30-second version will appear on the merchandising pages of the agency-redesigned Grammy Web site.

—Posted by Gregory Solman