Target takes heat for downplaying DIY moms

Target iron man

Last year, I lambasted Target’s anti-Christmas Christmas ads. Now it seems some people think the retailer is out to destroy tradition again with a new ad, shown below, suggesting that homemade Halloween costumes are a bad idea. Bloggers are upset at this spot where a mom crafts a homemade Iron Man costume that falls apart when she goes to get the camera. They claim this ad is wrong because it's advocating buying instead of making. But that describes almost every advertisement. To me, the real problem is that mothers (as everyone knows) are perfect and can do no wrong. It's dads who are the bumbling idiots of the parenting world. If this commercial had been about a dad creating a costume fail, I don’t think this uproar would exist, especially if wacky, clueless dad failed at sewing and just duct-taped the kid together. I know we don’t see it much in ads, but not every mom is perfect. Some of them are just as bumbling as the dads. And frankly, we’ve been holding up unattainable standards of homemade perfection to moms for far too long, shaming them into spending long hours making things from scratch after they get home from work because buying isn’t good enough. I didn’t think there was less love at dinner when my mom bought it at Publix. Frankly, Publix made chicken that was way more edible. C'mon guys, homemade stuff is still just STUFF — it’s materialism either way. So get off that high horse you crafted yourself out of salvaged wood and recycled twine. Just because my mom bought costumes at a department store, that doesn’t mean I was a poor unloved child. All it means is that my mom can’t sew for shit.