Talking stomach and wallet pine for Fazoli’s

Most folks who eat out at restaurants bring their wallets and stomachs along, but usually not as their dining companions who occupy seats at the table and take part in dinner conversations. The Fazoli's spot above, from Bohan Advertising & Marketing, set at a non-Fazoli's restaurant, doesn't stop there, however. The waiter beats the crap out of the wallet, not so subtly symbolizing other eateries' brutal prices. (These restaurant commercials are getting rough. I thought this kind of violence was confined to D'Angelo's ads!) And of course, the stomach complains that it doesn't like the food. I guess you could say it starts bellyaching (ha ha!). And that, unfortunately, might explain the mighty wind that blows away the competition in the chain's followup spot below.

—Posted by David Gianatasio