The Super Bowl and democracy in action

Godaddy_1We’ve been mulling the post-Super Bowl controversy du jour, which, if you haven’t noticed already, is the NFL’s decision not to air the GoDaddy spot where the woman almost loses her shirt for a second time during the game. This whole “the NFL saw it for the first time during the telecast” line of reasoning stretches the bounds of credibility, to say the least; it received tons of publicity last week, as you’d expect from a spot that’s so, uh, titillating. (Here’s a rundown of the controversy on GoDaddy’s blog.)

So we emailed Paul Cappelli of The Ad Store—which created the spot—about the whole kerfuffle and this is what he said. “If the NFL didn’t see it before hand [sic], they must truly be living in a world without television.” He’s also promoting votes for the spot to America Online’s Super Bowl ad poll, under the banner, "A vote for GoDaddy is a vote for freedom." It’s a free country. Vote the way you want.

—Posted by Catharine P. Taylor