Super Bowl ads cause high anxiety

You may have noticed that we’ve eschewed most rundowns of what ads proved to be the most popular on the Super Bowl, but we decided to post this one mostly for this cool visual of how people’s brains responded to the ads for Doritos (“Live the flavor”) and Emerald Nuts, respectively. For the second year in a row, FKF Applied Research used fMRI technology to see which ads caused the brain to be most engaged. On that score, the Emerald Nuts ad starring Robert Goulet came in as one of the bottom-ranking ads, along with a spot for the Honda CR-V and Sprint’s “Connectile Dysfunction.” The three top-ranking spots were Coca-Cola’s Grand Theft Auto takeoff, the aforementioned Doritos ad and Bud Light’s “Hitchhiker.” Overall, according to the researchers who conducted the study, the biggest emotion running through people’s heads as they watched the commercials was anxiety. Said FKF’s Joshua Freedman, “Much of the anxiety seemed caused by violence, but was also rooted in economic fears. The Nationwide ad had a spike when Kevin Federline was revealed to be working in fast food, and also when the GM robot turned out to be OK but afraid for its job.” Can’t wait ’til next year.