Sunny D taking flavor strips to grocery aisle

Sunnyd copy

That woman from the spot who furtively wolfs down free samples at the supermarket will love Sunny D's new Peel 'n Taste grocery-store experience. That's right, now you can walk into your local Food Lion, find the Sunny D in-store display, and chow down on edible strips that taste like the brand's D-licious smoothies. You can avoid the Granny-manned tasting table altogether, and there's the added novelty bonus. But to me, it seems like these strips make more sense outside the grocery store. Like when Welch's stuck the grape-juice-flavored ones in People magazine last year. I mean, you can't shove a beverage sample in a mag. And many alcoholic brands have used First Flavor's strips due to their obvious limitations on sampling. First Flavor says this is its first time in grocery stores. But is it the right time? In this economy, should we be putting the poor octogenarians out of their sweet sample-cup-handling jobs? Even if they do smell like onions?

—Posted by Rebecca Cullers

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