SunChips muffles noisy, biodegradable bag


Eighteen months after releasing a new biodegradable bag with much fanfare and a large ad buy, SunChips is mostly going back to the old bag until a less crinkly biodegradable alternative can be found. SunChips sales have dropped by 11 percent in the past 52 weeks—possibly in part due to the new bag, which people have said is just too damn loud, like lawnmower and jet-engine loud. There's even a Facebook group called "Sorry But I Can't Hear You Over This Sun Chips Bag," which has managed to attract almost 50,000 dissidents. Frito-Lay says it's committed to environmental packaging and will leave the original flavor in the new bag, but all other flavors are headed back to the old packaging. The company says it knew the bag sounded and felt different, but someone must have argued that people would care more about the environmental benefits than about a little noise. So, sorry environment. We were hoping for change that didn't actually require us to change.