Sun warms up to the Sony Dash alarm clock


The morning sun is personified as a chubby dude with head and hands ablaze in 180 L.A.'s introductory spot (below) for the Sony Dash bedside device. Flame Face is goofy and scary at the same time as he keeps setting some guy's suit on fire. (The Jimmy Dean guy in the sun costume is much less threatening.) "Wake up in a whole new way" is the tagline here. I guess this glorified clock radio is targeted at folks who aren't on the Web enough at work or during their leisure hours and feel the need to be connected at the very moment they rise and shine. In other words: just about everyone! Still, featuring immolation in any ad for a digital device, even a spot as patently kooky as this one, is taking a chance. Suffering third-degree burns from shards of an exploding Dash would also constitute waking up in a whole new way. I'll stick with my iPhone on the nightstand. It could never harm me. Right?

—Posted by David Gianatasio