Suggestive squirrel pitches Air New Zealand


"You can lick the crack." That's one of many risqué, "misunderstood" lines delivered by an oddly accented faux-muppet squirrel in Air New Zealand's new campaign from Auckland ad agency .99. I think that pissed-off JetBlue flight attendant said something similar as he shimmied down the inflatable slide. In these spots, the furball flummoxes fellow passengers, who look like they're ready to give up acting after landing roles in these spots. The masturbation jokes take it a step too far, but then again, what do you expect from a carrier whose employees go naked at every opportunity? You board a plane expecting a buxom nude cabin crew, and wind up sitting next to a profane rodent. Mayday, mayday! See a second spot after the jump. Via Ads of the World.