Stripper mom needs chicken cessation gum

Nandos This Australian commercial (possibly not safe for work) for Nando’s restaurants may win awards for most convoluted premise. The plot goes something like this: Mom can’t stop thinking about Nando’s chicken, so she resorts to using some special Nando’s craving-control products—first the Nando-fix patch, but that’s awkward, because she’s a stripper, and the patch goes on your backside, which is distracting for customers who are trying to enjoy your butt-wagging, so she goes with the Nando-fix gum, which allows her to make tons of money stripping and control her cravings until she can enjoy a nice dinner at Nando’s with her wholesome family. See some print work from Nando’s here, which is just as classy. Via AdPulp.

—Posted by Tim Nudd